we did something…

Dia duit everyone! The long-awaited moment has finally arrived, because we have some STUPENDOUS, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL, etcetera, news! We finally got The Game printed and received the copies yesterday! Which makes us…let’s see…PUBLISHED AUTHORS!!! *SQUEALS, which is totally not me, but this is SUPER exciting and deserves such a reception!*

We’ve been telling you for long enough that we are SO CLOSE. This time we aren’t just close, we are actually there! But anyway, here’s Bea with more information.

That’s right! After almost a year and a half of working on this, we are finally ready to share our creation with the world. 

The Game is officially up for sale!!! 

You read that right, folks! The adventures of Rose, Roo, and Fae (and their friends) are all available for you to read. You can check out our purchase the book page, OR you can just click this link! For now we’re selling it straight out of my Etsy shop, but we may expand later on.

This is our first official book, as it is a FULL LENGTH BOOK, and a TANGIBLE BOOK, with all the latest commodities of book-ness. 

And on top of that, this is the first official print run to be done, and we only have a limited supply! Each of the first editions are signed by myself, L.B., and Mim (who is L.B.’s older sister and a person who help with some of the writing), which…may not be super significant now, but may be in a few years.😅

I am SO excited to hear what you guys think of this story!!! Now back to L.B!

If/when any of you do buy the book, please consider writing a review of it, we’d love to see your thoughts, it would mean a lot to us while also being constructive for our next book.

We are VERY excited about this, and we hope you are too!

L.B. and Bea

By Bea

We’re all stories in the end, just make it a good one.

~The Eleventh Doctor

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Goodness, I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to reply to this until now. There was a technical error earlier, but it is fixed now! The link will work. Apologies!


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